About Us

Founded by CSU Professors

Colorado State University professors, Drs. Bruce Golden, Ralph Switzer, and Bernard Rollin, developed Optibrand. Their goal was to develop a secure, biometric and humane method to identify and trace livestock.

Our Idea...

Optibrand entered the international livestock marketplace with a suite of traceability solutions. With these innovative products, Optibrand can offer food producers around the world a fraud-resistant, inexpensive system to add value to their products. By positively identifying individual animals from birth and throughout the food processing chain, the system helps assure food safety, control the spread of animal disease and add value to branded premium products.

The patent protected, image capture technology that led to the commercialization of the livestock device, was then utilized to develop a retinal image camera for veterinary diagnostic use. Optibrand launched the ClearView Optical Imaging System that was sold to veterinarians around the world. In 2018, ClearView 2 was launched upgrading the original design to utilize the camera of an iPod Touch.

Optibrand is a privately held company located in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado.


CHief executive officer

Ralph V. Switzer J.D., CPA

board member

Lee Korins

Chairman of the board

Joseph H. Ritter D.V.M., M.I.M

Where we're heading

The next step in our technology development was to apply our IP to retinal image capture needs in the human market.  In 2015, our auto-capture technology was added to the Volk iNview device and additional development has been done to optimize auto-capture to work on mydriatic and non-mydriatic devices and combine well with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to more quickly detect Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and other ocular pathology in all segments of the global society.

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