Clearview device

Retinal Imaging Made Easy

Our auto-capture technology ensures that you get the perfect image every time, ensuring speed, accuracy, and effective imaging, even for the most difficult patients. 

Our RetCheck software paired with a retinal imaging device eliminates the need for trained professionals and is ideal for uncooperative patients providing advanced retinal scanning technology that auto-captures the highest quality photo of the retina. Use our technology to aid in acquiring retinal images that provide precise and reliable biometric tracing, discover early detection of disease and blindness, and analyze overall eye health in humans and animals.

Two vet-technicians use ClearView2 on a dog
A male vet uses ClearView2 on a cat
cow and CV2



Our technology provides a vital role in identifying, screening and diagnosing billions of people around the globe by automatically taking and selecting the best image, ensuring quick, high-quality imaging.

Artificial Intelligence


Optibrand’s unique auto-capture technology provides secure livestock identification for source verification to ensure disease control, prevent fraud, and reduce livestock theft.


The ClearView 2 quickly and effortlessly auto-captures images for uncooperative patients, making it a perfect tool for your veterinary practice.

vet holding dog


  • Adaptable to many retinal imaging and OCT combination devices: mydriatic and non-mydriatic
  • Image fusion (digital noise reduction) capabilities
  • Improves performance of artificial intelligence (AI) systems
  • Real-time image panorama (continuous display of panorama)
  • Creates awareness of portions of the retina captured
  • Reduces total image capture time
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Where We're Heading

Currently we are in three markets: human, livestock, and veterinary. With the retina being one of the best providers of biometric data, our software is the perfect solution for high-security identification needs. Retinal imaging is a fraud-resistant method of identification, and when paired with our auto-capture technology, it is a quick and safe security system.

 With our unique, auto-capture technology, the system is perfect for patients who may be less than cooperative. Our vision is to create technology that empowers others to deliver quality, affordable eye health care to everyone and their pets, and to deliver innovations to agriculture that provide a legacy for future generations.  The availability and capabilities of more powerful smartphones has allowed for a myriad of medical diagnostic applications to be added to the phones allowing for more widespread and economical ways to deliver healthcare around the world.

Optibrand is seeking partners with the vision to find solutions that help provide tremendous benefit to the global community.